Cavium is a semiconductor company which builds switches/routers for high speed data centers and I was a part of the SDK team on Xpliant product. I designed and built a simulation of network topology using tap interfaces which was heavily used by customers. I was involved in open sourcing the SDK. I fixed the memory leaks in the product from ~2Mb/packet to 0 Mb/packet. Other than this, I was responsible for performance optimizations and building features.

Cavium Networks


I was a part of the Optimus team at NVIDIA which toggles rendering of games/3D applications using Nvidia GPU. As a part of this, I implemented a tool to measure hysteresis (the time required to wake up GPU from sleeping for rendering). This tool helped in finetune and conserving GPU power usage.

This tool was actively used even after I had left Nvidia.

Dept of Defense, US

I was working on a project for DoD at UNC, Charlotte, which was responsible for reconstruction of terrain using 3D LIDAR data. This was eventually going to be used to identify features like bunker formations etc. We used CGAL along with Marching Triangle algorithm and Delaunay Triangulation to reconstruct the surafce in C++/OpenGL.