WordsAway - 2016

WordsAway is a game I developed using Unity C# for Android & iOS. The game offers multiple levels with a three star system. The core game mechanic is to clear words by connecting adjacent letters on the board. Player wins the game by clearing the set challenge or is defeated if the letters tower up.

Here are some of the things I worked on:

  • Event aggregator for decoupling publishers and event subscribers
  • Greedy object pool where objects are dynamically allocated with a tight fit
  • Offers multiple levels which can be independently customized
    • Implemented designer friendly level editor
  • Player Assist which helps players to catch up (weighted random probabiblity)
  • Implemented tool to prune word list and built trie optimized for space
  • Procedurally generated letters, powerups and score multipliers. Letter state is updated on the fly using vertex shaders thereby sharing 1 materials across & have all of them rendered in 1 draw call
  • Users can swipe diagonally also to form words
  • Extensible infrastructure supports adding new powerups easily
  • Menu navigation by dynamically managing unity scenes
    • Replaying game through menu system results in no memory leaks
    • Designers could independently design screens

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